Emerald - Panna Stone

Emerald is a small, unusual gemstone. It corresponds to one of the nine Navratnas. Emerald is also called Panna. The attractive green colored stone has been cherished by humans for thousands of years. It is also favored for its magical powers in Vedic and Western astrology.

Benefits of Emerald

According to Vedic astrology, the Emerald gemstone reflects the planet of Mercury. Mercury plant is also called Buddh Graha in Hindi. It is responsible for marital bliss, wisdom, orator ship, imagination, and other essential aspects of life. Panna is used to offset the negative results of Mercury's world in Kundali.

  • General benefits
    Panna or Emerald stone represents the planet of Mercury in astrology. And Mercury planet or Buddh Graha is responsible for commerce, industry, and intelligence. If Mercury is put in a malefic house on the birth chart, the native must have multiple issues.
  • Astrological Benefits
    As Mercury controls the intelligence characteristic, it can create an issue with trust if it is put negatively on the birth map. In this scenario, the native should wear Emerald Stone to counteract the detrimental effects of Buddh Graha. Emerald gemstone can allow the native to better appreciate life. It would also improve the decision-making ability of the wearer.
    Panna Rashi Ratna triggers concentration and attention. It is also recommended for students who lack focus. Emerald gemstone is also useful to those suffering from emotional anxiety, depression, and stress.

Who should wear Emerald?

Emerald (Panna) is the representative of planet Mercury. Vedic astrology advises wearing this gemstone to emerge from harmful effects caused by a weaker Mercury in a person's horoscope. Indian astrology grants a Panna Ratna to Mithun (Gemini) and a Kanya (Virgo) Rashi.
Panna Rashi Ratna triggers concentration and attention. It is also recommended for students who lack focus.
Anyone in the world of public speech or stammering should wear Emerald Stone. Panna will develop your communication skills. You will be able to articulate yourself more and therefore win hearts.
Panna has the supernatural ability to regulate allergies. It is not ideal for people suffering from Asthma or other respiratory disorders.
Mercury planet has two zodiac signs. Namely, Gemini and Virgo. It is also advised that the natives of these signs wear Panna stones.
The Panna Ratna is a natural healer. It helps to heal from emotional stress, poor life experiences, or betrayal.

How to wear Emerald?

It is critical that one understands the importance of proper rituals before wearing any gemstone. And Emerald is no exception to that. Once the Emerald gemstone is recommended by the astrologer, you can initiate a process that might pose some other concerns. Let us address them in more depth below -

  • What size Emerald gemstone should be worn?
    Minimum 1/12th of the weight of the body. For e.g., a person weighing 60kgs will wear a 5-carat stone.
  • How to purify Emerald?
    Once the ring has been formed, it must be submerged in raw milk, Gangajal, honey, sugar, and water. Keep it soaked in for half an hour on the day it's to be worn. Clean it with regular water and recite the Buddh mantra as recommended by the astrologer. And then remembering Lord Ganesh, wear it with positive. And pray to God that you will be blessed with auspicious results. The Emerald has been fined for up to 4 years.
  • In which finger Panna should be worn?
    When the gemstone has been energized and purified, it is best to wear the Emerald Stone Ring in the little finger of the right hand. As in most situations, it is also the working hand.
  • What Metal to lodge it in?
    Panna Rashi Ratna should be worn in gold metal for better performance. It could also be made in Panchdhatu.
  • On which day it should be worn?
    It's best to wear the Emerald gemstone ring on Wednesday. The day should be checked by an astrologer.

Price of Emerald?

Worth of Emerald comes from its rareness and prominence as a jewelry gemstone. In addition, being astrologically significant, the price of Panna in India or beyond falls in a broad range of ₹ 800 and ₹ 2,00,000 plus per carat.

  • Treatment
    Many therapies, such as oiling, are suitable in emeralds. Emeralds treated with rough epoxy resins are less valuable than those treated with safer, colorless oiling.
  • Clarity
    Emeralds are categorized as 'Type III' in terms of visibility metrics, meaning that nearly any piece would have a degree of inclusion. Thus, the price of Panna rises significantly for stones without noticeable inclusions. Zambian emerald price per carat fares higher than other sources due to comparatively better visibility.
  • Color
    In emeralds, the rule is that the lighter and greener the color is, the selling price is higher. However, too much iron (found in some varieties) will create a bluish tint and reduce the market value of the emerald gemstone.  As most Colombian emeralds are brightly saturated and present a delicate balance between green and blue, the price per carat of Colombian emerald remains higher than those from other origins.
  • Cut
    Cutting a gemstone will increase its cost by up to 20% as a result of the stone wastage of the operation. Heavily faceted emeralds can cost more than round or oval emeralds.
  • Uniqueness (Trapiche Emerald)
    In Colombia and Brazil, a very unusual and special variety known as Trapiche emerald is found. Trapiche or Star Emeralds are distinctive in their presentation of impurities in a six-pointed, star like radial fashion. In addition, the 'Chatoyancy or Cat's eye' effect exhibited by this gemstone is one of the rarest and most magnificent gemstones. Like other varieties, Trapiche emeralds can also be synthesized in laboratories as well as processed with oil and epoxy resins.

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