Cat's Eye - Lehsunia Stone

Cat’s Eye stone is a semi-precious gemstone. It is found in shades of colors like Gray, Black, honey & Yellowish green.
Cat’s eye gemstone, also known as Lehsuniya in Hindi, is both rare and expensive. There are a number of fake cat’s eye stone available in the market, but spotting them is possible only with the help of an expert gemologist.

Benefits of Cat's Eye

If you wear a cat’s eye gemstone under expert supervision, it can have a number of positive effects on the mind and the body. It also has a number of astrological benefits that can change your destiny. The Cat’s eye gemstone is quite a significant intriguing gemstone. Cat’s Eye is a gemstone which exhibits a band of light at the top which moves when the gem is tilted.

  • General benefits
    The Cat's Eye is aligned with the vehement planet of Ketu. Blessed with Ketu, the Cat's Eye gemstone enhances the role of the Ketu planet in a person's horoscope. It is better achieved by the Cat's Eye, for it embodies the spiritual force of Ketu inside it.
  • Astrological Benefits
    Indian astrology claims that its effects could overwhelm the magical power of the other planets. As in the case of Indian astrologers, Ketu denotes the south node of the moon, indicating swift riches, health, enemies, gloom, luck, and mental problems.
    If Ketu is aligned in the positive houses of someone’s birth chart, the gemstone will bring a lot of positivity and happiness in that person’s life.

Who should wear Cat's Eye?

Cats Eye (Lehsunia) can only be worn on the advice of an astrologer who has reviewed the horoscope extensively. In Vedic astrology, Cat's Eye is the gemstone of the legendary planet 'Ketu' (also known as 'Dragon's Tail' as the headless lower body of the shadow planet Rahu). Cat's Eye is worn to maximize the advantages of Ketu's horoscope.

How to wear Cat's Eye?

  • What size Cat’s Eye gemstone should be worn?
    Minimum 1/12th of the weight of the body. For e.g., a person weighing 60kgs will wear a 5-carat stone.
  • How to purify Cat’s Eye?
    Lehsunia ratna is dipped in milk and gangajal at a specified auspicious time on an auspicious day. Ketu Grah's mantra is recited for energizing the gemstone. But all rituals should be done with care and consultation. On request, our astrologers conduct the puja to energize the Cat’s Eye gemstone.
  • In which finger Lehsunia should be worn?
    The Lehsunia rashiratna must be worn in the middle or ring finger of the right hand or in the working hand.
  • What Metal to lodge it in?
    Lehsunia rashiratna should be worn in Silver metal for better performance. It could also be made in panchdhatu.
  • On which day it should be worn?
    It's best to wear the Cat’s Eye gemstone ring on Tuesday. The day should be checked by an astrologer.

Price of Cat’s Eye?

The price of Quartz Cat's Eye in India in Rupees ranges from Rs. 200 per carat to Rs. 10,000 per carat and above.

  • Quality, Color & Clarity
    Cat's Eye is a rare gemstone, so named for its remarkable similarity to a cat's eye. This similarity is caused by the phenomena known as 'Chatoyancy' demonstrated by the appearance of unique white lines on the surface of the gemstone that appears like a mirror of light.
    The consistency of Cats Eye depends on the eye effect of Cats Eye, Color, and Visibility. The stone should have a smooth surface and be free from spots and natural inclusions. The color should be pure and even.

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