Zircon Stone

Being ruled by the planet Venus, a white zircon can be easily used in place of a diamond or white sapphire gemstone, as these stones also represent the planet of Beauty and Luxury.

Benefits of Zircon

Zircon is the gemstone of the planet Venus, the world of love and passion. It is useful for married life and enhances the passion, knowledge, affection, and romance of one's life. Zircon is widely recommended for those who want stability in their life or their sex life. People wearing zircon are gifted with an artistic bent of mind, and they enjoy the career of singing, music, acting, and dancing.

  • General benefits
    White Zircon brings happiness, harmony and affection to an intimate relationship. It's a very good crystal for married life. Known for its aesthetic appeal, the White Zircon stone is said to have various metaphysical and curing properties. Being an alternative to diamonds, it puts the positive benefits of the planet Venus to the benefit of the wearer. It is believed that the astrological benefits of White Zircon would allow the wearer to gain harmony in financial, professional, and personal life.
  • Astrological Benefits
    Astrologically, its miles assumed that the wearing of a blue Zircon gemstone would help the character of a lifetime of wealth and monetary equilibrium. It enhances the Venus in the horoscope and thereby maintains the flow of money in the lifestyle of the wearer.

Who should wear Zircon?

People whose Rahu sign is Taurus or Libra can wear Zircon gemstone. Zircon is a must-stone for engineers, writers, playwrights, musicians, government officers, politicians, negotiators, entrepreneurs and striving to fame, stockbrokers, fabric sellers, cotton paper and flowers. Creative people looking for fame and good health are also recommended to wear Zircon gemstone.

How to wear Zircon?

  • What size Zircon gemstone should be worn?
    1/10th of the weight of the body. For e.g., a person weighing 60kgs will wear a 6-carat stone.
  • How to purify Zircon?
    It is purified by immersing the gemstone into milk, Gangajal, water and honey. Then Zircon Ratna has to be left in it for half an hour. Finally, pull it out and wash it with regular water. Now the stone is fit to be worn. It is auspicious to energize the Zircon gemstone by chanting the Rahu mantra.
  • In which finger Zircon should be worn?
    It is recommended to wear Zircon gemstone in the Ring finger of the right hand for optimum benefits.
  • What Metal to lodge it in?
    Zircon rashiratna should be worn in Silver metal for better performance. It could also be made in panchdhatu.
  • On which day it should be worn?
    It's best to wear the Zircon on Friday. The day should be checked by an astrologer.

Price of Zircon?

White Zircon gemstone remains in demand due to its high astrological value and its good healing powers. That's why the price of white zircon on the market remains marginally higher than the other colored zirconia. Generally speaking, Origin, Color, Transparency, Cut and Carat weight are some of the main determinants of white zircon worth. The price of white Zircon stone in India starts at ₹ 500 per carat and can cross ₹ 10,000 per carat plus.

  • Clarity
    Clarity is the indicator of clarity and inclusion of gemstones. Eye clean bits, i.e. without any noticeable inclusion, are also sold at comparatively higher prices. On the other side, a sharp disparity in the price of natural white zircon gemstone can be found for a highly-inclusive gemstone.
  • Color
    A completely flawless white zircon needs the highest market value. Generally, the price of white zircon stone is lowered due to the presence of unwanted pigment impurities.
  • Luster
    Although the natural white zircon bears no color at all. The natural elegance of a gem, however, relies entirely on its shine and brilliance. White Zirconia showing glossy vitreous luster, not only looks fine but is believed to be astrologically most fitting. That is why those bits carry a strong market value.

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