Tiger's Eye Stone

Tiger eye gemstone is a kind of metamorphic rock, beautifully colored in yellow or golden shade over vertical lines of yellow or brown, offering the appearance of a tiger's eye.

Meaning & Benefits

It is very useful to lighten the inner force of a human to keep up with contemporary society. Tiger Eye belongs to the Quartz family which is aligned with the Sun which Mars planets. It has been used since ancient times since the Roman period when it was worn by their troops to stay unbeaten.

  • General benefits
    Tiger's Eye lets the wearer remain grounded and removes fears from the mind. It is, in truth, good luck taking a stone that saves the wearer from the dark thoughts and dark impulses of the enemy.
  • Astrological Benefits
    Tiger Eye is used to aspire for wealth and strength, along with self-confidence, to face life's difficulties. Tiger Eye is widely recommended for people with poor root chakras or solar plexus chakras. It works with the strength of these chakras to enhance the health and well-being of individuals.

Who should wear?

Tiger's Eye Gemstone is approved for anyone suffering from the bad effects of Planet Sun. It's a replacement for Ruby, too, because it's an inexpensive gem. This gemstone has magical properties and is both light and dark brown in color. It's closest to Cheetah’s Eye, as the name implies. This gemstone is used in healing therapies and is also used as an accessory for ladies. The Tiger's Eye Gemstone is beginning to yield favorable effects very rapidly and is also known for its beautiful texture.
Before wearing Tigers Eye Rashi Ratna, it is always advised to have your birth chart or Kundali thoroughly examined by an accomplished astrologer. Without consultation, it should not be worn.

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