Blue Sapphire - Neelam Stone

Blue Sapphire stone is a rare stone. It's a blue color. Blue Sapphire stone is one of the nine precious gemstones.
It's also called Neelam Ratna in Hindi. It is considered a mystical gemstone in Hindu astrology. And it is the gemstone of the Saturn Planet, or Shani Graha, according to the Vedic astrology.

Benefits of Blue Sapphire

Saturn Planet or Shani Graha is a major planet in Vedic astrology. While most people fear the slow-moving planet, it does offer positive results if it is put in an auspicious house. The Shani Graha is a large planet in the solar system, far from the Earth. Its movement is also slower than most. Therefore, the consequences are experienced for a long time.

  • General benefits
    Blue Sapphire helps mitigate the ill effects of Saturn in native's life as per astrology. The Neelam Ratna is a rare and precious stone. It is considered to be the fastest acting gemstone.

Who should wear Blue Sapphire?

It is said that Blue Sapphire can transform rag to wealth if it is auspicious and vice versa if it is seated in a malevolent role. Any native who experiences abrupt losses, declining fitness, loss of mental peace, no development opportunities should have a birth chart reviewed with an expert astrologer. The location of Shani Graha may be judged with thorough and deliberate astrological calculations. Also, a native who is going through the Sade Sati or Dhaiya period should wear Neelam Rashi Ratna after consulting an astrologer. In certain cases, Saturn Planet has been seated in malefic positions for natives. In such instances, with the aid of Blue Sapphire stone, the ill effects of Shani Graha could be nullified.

How to wear Blue Sapphire?

  • What size Blue Sapphire gemstone should be worn?
    Minimum 1/12th of the weight of the body. For e.g., a person weighing 60kgs will wear a 5-carat stone.
  • How to purify Blue Sapphire?
    Neelam ratna is dipped in milk and gangajal at a specified auspicious time on an auspicious day. Shani Grah's mantra is recited for energizing the gemstone. But all rituals should be done with care and consultation. On request, our astrologers conduct the puja to energize the blue sapphire gemstone.
  • In which finger Neelam should be worn?
    The Neelam rashiratna must be worn in the middle finger of the right hand or in the working hand. But, one should be vigilant not to wear other gemstone rings of Saturn's enemy plants with Neelam gemstone.
  • What Metal to lodge it in?
    Neelam rashiratna should be worn in gold metal for better performance. It could also be made in panchdhatu.
  • On which day it should be worn?
    It's best to wear the Blue Sapphire gemstone ring on Saturday. The day should be checked by an astrologer.

Price of Blue Sapphire?

Worth of blue sapphire comes from its rareness and prominence as a jewelry gemstone. In addition, being astrologically significant, the price of blue sapphire in India or beyond falls in a broad range of ₹ 500 and ₹ 2,00,000 plus per carat.

  • Treatment
    Sapphires are heat processed to improve color and to eliminate color zoning. Natural, unheated blue sapphires are typically more expensive (depending on other factors) than heated or chemically processed stones. Lab produced blue sapphires are frequently sold as genuine pieces but are neither deserving nor astrologically significant.
  • Clarity
    Blue Sapphire prices do much higher than most precious gemstones when it comes to inclusions. Finding an eye-clean original blue sapphire is extremely unusual as almost any original Neelam stone includes rutile needle (Silk) inclusions. The location, volume, and design of the inclusions can also affect Neelam's costs.
  • Color
    'True Blue' or 'Royal Blue' is the most attractive hue of blue sapphires. In addition, tone, saturation, and color quality have a major effect on the overall value of a blue sapphire. A clear, pure blue, and brightly saturated piece has a far better retail price than sapphires that are too dark or too blue or grey.
  • Cut
    A finely cut blue sapphire adds good money to the market value as it can improve the clarity of the stone and mask noticeable inclusions. If the consistency is the same, the rounder or oval-shaped blue sapphires are cheaper than the square or other custom shapes due to the stone wastage caused by the process.

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