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The mission of HRD is to establish Antwerp as a global hub for diamonds by serving as a premier diamond certification service, representing the diamond sector in Belgium and internationally to public authorities and diamond organizations. Additionally, HRD aims to enhance industry expertise through comprehensive research in manufacturing and trade efficiency.

HRD Diamond Grading Standards

Expert gemologists utilize state-of-the-art laboratory equipment to analyze diamonds. Consensus among multiple gemologists is required to determine the overall quality of a diamond. To ensure adherence to rigorous standards, senior gemologists randomly review grading results to ensure accuracy and consistency.

  • Diamond Origin: Thorough investigation is conducted to ascertain the origin of the diamond, and steps are taken to certify it as a natural diamond.
  • Diamond Carat: Diamond carat weight is measured using meticulously calibrated gemstone scales and recorded up to the fifth decimal point. The diamond’s measurements are taken, and any fluorescence present is described.
  • Diamond Color: Diamond color is graded on a scale ranging from Exceptional White to Tinted Color. The GIA’s D to Z equivalent is also noted.
  • Diamond Clarity: Clarity is determined using a grading scale ranging from Loupe Clean (flawless) to P3 (imperfect), considering factors such as the number, size, brightness, and location of internal and external characteristics. Inclusions detected in the diamond are plotted on a diagram.
  • Diamond Proportions: The proportions, or cut grade, of a diamond are evaluated as Very Good, Good, or Unusual based on a combination of factors including girdle thickness, culet, table width, crown height, and pavilion depth.
  • Finish Grade: A diamond’s Finish Grade is assigned on a scale from Very Good to Poor, assessing the quality of the diamond polisher’s workmanship.
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Brief History of HRD

The Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD), which translates to the “Diamond High Council,” was founded in Antwerp in 1973 as the European equivalent of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Apart from overseeing the import and export of a significant portion of the global supply of loose diamonds, the HRD is responsible for issuing widely recognized certificates for diamonds and gemstones that adhere to internationally accepted standards.

Discover additional information about the diamond reports issued by the HRD in the following section.

HRD Diamond Grading Report

The HRD Diamond Certificate is provided for all diamonds and serves as official confirmation of their authenticity. Additionally, the certificate offers a comprehensive quality description based on the 4C’s (cut, clarity, color, and carat). Notably, it includes a plotted diagram that visually represents the diamond’s characteristics.

HRD Diamond Certificate 2
HRD Diamond Certificate

HRD Diamond ID Report

The Diamond Identification Report, available for diamonds up to one carat in size, is a concise document that encompasses the same comprehensive information found in the Diamond Certificate. However, it does not include a plotted diagram.