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Why Lab Certificate?

Get your Gemstones Certified at Gems For Everyone & Testing Lab.
One of the Biggest Private Gem Testing Lab in Maharashtra with ISO 9001-2015 Standards.

Why Us?

Gems For Everyone & Testing Lab (GFETL) is a world level Gemological Laboratory with state-of-the-art Technology and Expertise for performing scientific and detailed study of all types of stones.

GFETL has a team of Gemologists, Diamond Graders, and Jewellery Experts who are all highly trained. With the abundance of counterfeit, fake, and treated gemstones on the market, it’s more important than ever to seek out independent, impartial, and professional advice.

GFETL has been a reputable name for gemstone and diamond testing and certification over the years, thanks to its dependable and high-quality services.
Insist on GFETL Laboratory Reports if you purchase a gemstone, diamond, or piece of jewellery.

Our customers respect us not only for our knowledge and experience, but also for the exceptional customer support we provide.

Over the years, GFETL has earned a reputation for providing consistent, dependable, and high-quality services in the areas of gem testing, diamond grading, jewellery valuation, and appraisal.


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Free Gemstone Certificate with every Gemstone Purchased

Sample Gemstone Certificate

Gems For Everyone provides a free lab certification regardless of the cost of the gemstone from our own Private Gem Testing Lab. Our Gem Testing Lab is one of the Biggest Gem Testing Lab in Vidharba with ISO 9001:2015 Certification. We provide free lab certificate, even if your gemstone is for Rs 100 or for Rs 10 Lakhs. You should never buy a gemstone without a lab certifying. You can also get your Gemstone checked with the leading Gem Testing Lab in India like GIA, IGI, GII and many more at additional costs..



Testing Charges

  • For Retail Users
  • ATM Card Size Report
  • Gem Treatment Detection
  • Valuation & Consultation
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  • Everything in Basic Reports
  • For Shop Owners & Dealers
  • Recommended for Bulk Certification
  • Membership available for 3 months, 6 months or 1 Year.
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