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Why Diamond Lab Certificate?

Nowadays, in place of diamonds, lab-grown diamonds i.e. synthetic diamonds are being sold in the market.
Lab-grown diamonds cost is 80% less than natural diamonds.
Beware of this fraud!
Good news for the you, for the first time in Vidarbha, Diamond Testing Lab has been launched in Nagpur.
Now you can check your Diamonds for CVD, HPHT, and Moissanite Testing in Nagpur.

Vidharbha’s First Gemstone Testing Lab with Diamond Testing Facility

CVD, HPHT Diamond Turns Red as shown in images below.
Moissanite Turns black or shows nothing when tested.
See Sample Jewellery images below.

Necklace with CVD Diamond1

Necklace with CVD Diamond

Moissanite Necklace

Moissanite in Necklace turns black when Tested

HPHT Diamond Tops

HPHT Lab Grown – Diamond Tops

CVD DIamonds in Tops and Earings

Necklace and Earings with CVD Diamonds

Moissanite and CVD in Rings

Moissanite Rings turns Black and CVD Diamond in rest Rings

CVD in Bangle

Bangle with CVD Diamonds


Gems For Everyone & Testing Lab (GFETL) is an independent centre of excellence for Diamond, Gemstone and Jewellery Grading, and a wide range of Reports.

Gems For Everyone & Testing Lab (GFETL) has a fully equipped state of the art laboratory which is specifically designed to assess and provide reports for diamonds, gemstones and jewellery. Its range of highly sophisticated equipment can accurately screen for, and positively identify, treated and synthetic diamonds and gemstones.

The GFETL services are provided by highly qualified Gemmologists who produce accurate, independent, expert reports.

GFETL takes its responsibility to protect both the Trade and the Consumer very seriously and has invested heavily in sophisticated equipment and highly trained staff to ensure it delivers the best service possible.

Our customers respect us not only for our knowledge and experience, but also for the exceptional customer support we provide.

Over the years, GFETL has earned a reputation for providing consistent, dependable, and high-quality services in the areas of gem testing, diamond grading, jewellery valuation, and appraisal.

Sample Natural Diamond Report

Our Services

Diamond Testing

Diamond Grading Report

Each diamond is graded on the basis of 4C’s i.e. Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat-weight. At GFETL®, each Diamond is graded carefully by experienced Diamond Grader .This report not only covers 4C’s but also indicates if the diamond is treated or enhanced in any way to its present state. GFETL follows widely accepted GIA, IGI and IIG – Grading system for grading of Diamonds.

Gemstone Identification Report

Gemstone Identification Report

Gemstones are identified on the basis of their Physical & Optical properties This Report mentions the properties of the Gemstone viz Weight, Shape & Cut, Measurement etc. Each Gemstone is examined very carefully by our professional Gemologists using internationally accepted Procedures and Tools. Each Report has the photograph of the stone mentioned in the Report for Identification.

Jewellery Authenticity Report

Jewellery Authentication Report

This report is meant for Jewellery items studded with Diamonds & Gemstones. This report mentions all important information related to Jewellery Item that is required by the supplier as well as by the buyer. Each jewellery item is examined by expert gemologists, under strict regulations and using specialized equipments.

Color Gemstone Authenticity Report

Colour Gemstone Authenticity Report

Color Gemstones are identified on the basis of their properties This Report mentions the name of the Gemstone along with properties of the Gemstone like Weight, Shape & Cut. Each Report has the photograph of the Gemstone mentioned in the Report for Identification. A unique certification ID would be provided which can be verified from out website.

Get Your Jewellery Certified Now.

GFE Map1

Color Gemstone Verification

Certified Natural (Cultured) Pearl for FREE

Color Stone Lab Certificate

Unfortunately there are a lot of websites and shops that sell synthetic gemstones and rudraksha as natural. There is no easy way for the average customer to detect these, except for a gemstone lab certification.  Our Gem Testing Laboratory is ISO Standard 9001:2015 certified and all of our Gemstones go through strict checking.

One should buy Lab Certified Gemstones ONLY!

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