Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone 5
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Meaning & Benefits

The Yellow Sapphire gemstone’s universal astrological prominence has earned it many names in the world. It is referred to in Sanskrit as the Pukhraj stone or Pukhraj Ratna, Guru Ratan, Pushparagam stone, Pushkaraj stone, and Peetamani. It is associated with the planet Jupiter and is recommended for the Zodiac Signs of Sagittarius and Pisces.

  • General benefits
    Yellow Sapphire stone benefits market success, employment & academia, enhanced financial and social standing, rejuvenation, marriage and progeny bliss, alternative healing.
  • Astrological Benefits
    Yellow Sapphire is the gemstone of planet Jupiter. Jupiter is the signifier of finance, and he blesses the bearer of this gemstone with success and wisdom. It also tends to find deeper consolation through spirituality. It allows the wearer to be disciplined, to identify and accomplish the goals of life, and to make right decisions.

Who should wear?

Brihaspati is known to be the most auspicious world. This gives us wealth and luck. But it can also often give bad effects. Pukhraj Rashi Ratna should be worn if –

  • Guru is placed in a malefic house of the native
  • Yellow Sapphire stone may be worn by natives of Sagittarius and Pisces.
  • Natives who suffer from health issues such as joint pain, cardiac problems, kidney conditions, problems with the throat, cough or lung diseases
  • If any naive person faces financial challenges, he or she may also wear Pukhraj.
  • Yellow Sapphire gemstone may be worn by any native who feels depressed
  • Yellow Sapphire stone is also recommended for single girls who have difficulties finding a fitting partner.
  • Any natives who do not have their promotions and growth opportunities
  • The Pukhraj Rashi ratna can be worn by any native who has troubled married life.
  • Yellow Sapphire may bring relief for natives going through Rahu Mahadasha or Rahu Antardasha

Before wearing Pukhraj Rashi Ratna, it is always advised to have your birth chart or Kundali thoroughly examined by an accomplished astrologer. Without consultation, it should not be worn.

How to wear?

  • What size Yellow Sapphire gemstone should be worn?
    Minimum 1/12th of the weight of the body. For e.g., a person weighing 60kgs will wear a 5-carat stone.
  • How to purify Yellow Sapphire?
    It is purified by immersing the gemstone into milk, Gangajal, water and honey. Then Pukhraj Ratna has to be left in it for half an hour. Finally, pull it out and wash it with regular water. Now the stone is fit to be worn. It is auspicious to energize the yellow sapphire gemstone by chanting the Brihaspati mantra.
  • In which finger Pukhraj should be worn?
    It is recommended to wear Yellow Sapphire gemstone in the index finger of the right hand for optimum benefits. Women can wear it on the left hand ring finger.
  • What Metal to lodge it in?
    Gold is the metal of Jupiter, and hence it is best to embed Pukhraj Rashi ratna in gold. It could also be made in panchdhatu.
  • On which day it should be worn?
    Thursday or Brihaspativar will be a day devoted to Jupiter or Guru Planet. It’s best to wear Yellow Sapphire stone early in the morning on a Thursday. In addition, an astrologer could confirm the exact auspicious muhurat.

Price of Yellow Sapphire?

The price of the Yellow Sapphire stone depends on its origin, colour, clarity, weight and treatment. All of these parameters are taken together in order to measure the Pukhraj price, which spans a wide spectrum from ₹ 600 to ₹ 200000 per carat.

  • Treatment
    Artificial heat or colour treatment is used to inflate the retail value of low-quality organisms. Untreated, unheated Yellow Sapphire is far more precious than fake, glass-filled or lab-filled specimens. It’s easier to buy certified Pukhraj online than from a distributor.
  • Clarity
    Yellow Sapphire prices do much higher than most precious gemstones when it comes to inclusions. However, whatever the quantity, quality, density and position of the inclusions, the average Yellow Sapphire price per carat is lower. Clean, transparent pieces attract high prices than those that are heavily included.
  • Color
    Color has a minor impact on the price of Pukhraj stone. A bright, yellow or canary Yellow Sapphire with a strong colour balance is more desirable than one with a green, gold or orange tint.
  • Cut
    The way a stone is cut does not only improve its shape, but can cleverly cover up the inclusions as well. In addition, the stone wastage caused by the production of Rough Yellow Sapphire gemstone is expressed in its increased costs. A faceted cut yellow sapphire is therefore more costly than a rectangular, oval or cushion cut Yellow Sapphire.

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